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Dual Lance Wand - SS 1/4F X 1/8F


SS 1/4F X 1/8F

Dual Lance Extensions allow easy switching between high pressure cleaning and low pressure chemical application. Stainless Steel pipes give increased life when applying variable pH products. Zinc pipes work well for normal cleaning applications with non-corrosive products. 40” Dual Lance Extensions give the added benefit of easy and comfortable control with the build in molded grip, plastic cover on the valve and enlarged nozzle protector maximize operator safety and comfort.


Max GPM 10.5
Max PSI 4000
Inlet 1/4” M
Outlet 1/4” & 1/8” F
Max Temp 302° F
Body Type SS Seat
Length 40"
Pipe Size 1/4”
Includes 1/4" QC and Soap Nozzle
Pipe Material Stainless Steel

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